My 2021 Goals: DID I FAIL?

At the beginning of 2021, I set a goal to complete 40 Mountain Bike Rides in 6 states (not including my home state of Massachusetts). About a month ago, my wife Donna and I went on this incredible sunrise ride through the Sonoran Desert near Phoenix, AZ, making state #7 and ride #23 for 2021!


I also set a goal to deliver my first TED talk by the end of the year; and guess what?

That one is NOT going to happen.

Did I fail? Not a chance in hell.

I will PIVOT, make adjustments (new deadline in 2022!) and develop a new game plan.


If you set stretch goals, there is a good chance you will not accomplish all of them in the timeframe you desired. Life sometimes gets in the way, and you are forced to reprioritize and reevaluate. If the goal is still important to you, then get back on the horse and attack.


Planning is ESSENTIAL, but plans can blow up. Sometimes, the misses are caused by events completely out of our control (can you say COVID?). Nonetheless, without specific, written down goals, you’re on the fast track to nowhere.


Write them down, check in often, and if you miss, get up and fight again tomorrow.


So, how are your 2021 goals panning out? Do you remember them? Did you write them down? Did you even set them to begin with? I wanted to share some tools with you to help you get started in setting and CRUSHING your own goals, both personally and professionally.


If you’re like me and love spreadsheets, try adding this goal setting spreadsheet to your arsenal.

If you’re more of a PDF lover, give these worksheets a try.  To see how these should look filled out, check out mine as an example!


I hope this supports you on your journey.


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